The Trove FAQ

I am scribing this scroll to answer the most frequently asked questions that I receive. Please read this to see if you can solve the issue before notifying me of it. It helps reduce the volume of messages I receive and makes my profession as Keeper much easier.

How do I contact you?

Through social media (arcane links at the bellow) or my email: [email protected]

Where is the search function?

It's back right next to the browse function!

What if I can't find something?

The spell of searching is new, so if you encounter any arcane mishaps while using it, let me know. If you still can't find something after that we might not have it yet, and you can send me an email/social media message to let me know.

You don't have X, are you going to get it?

Of course, we are always looking to expand! If you would like us to find something, you can let me know via email or social media. I will let the dragon know, and she will try and find it on her next foray into the Planes. Please remember that you are not the only user. We get many many requests, and I try to focus on the most popular ones. Please be patient.

I want to contribute!

That's splendid! Please read the contribution scroll on how you can do so.

Can I download everything using a torrent?

I understand that the Trove is roughly equivalent to 2TB of information in your realm's units of measurement. It is also updated almost every three days. It's simply not feasible for us to maintain an arcane torrent.

What do I do if a file or folder is corrupted/failing to open?

Try adding ?v=cachebusting to the end of the summoning "URL". If a whole aisle is unaccessible to you, keep trying the spell of renewal with components control and f5 (or refreshing) a few times. If the problem persists, only then let me know.