My mistress deemed it necessary that I receive an "e-mail address" so that I can perform my duty as a glorified receptionist more effectively. I don't see why! I am yet to understand this strange form of magical communication, and it would be a waste of time to try!

What's even more of a waste of time is all these messages asking the same thing. Cease! But because I know no one ever listens to the sage advice of a wise old scholar, I decided to answer them all here to dissuade you from further silliness.

Is it possible to download all the content via torrent?

My assistant told me the Trove is equivalent to roughly 2TB units of lore in your world, and it is ever fluctuating. It's simply not possible for us to maintain such a thing.

Are you going to get ... ?

It is possible, and more likely if someone gives one to the dragon...

I have some books you are missing, how can I send them to you?

You're looking at the wrong scroll! Try this one..

A file is bad/corrupted/failing to open, who do I tell?

If you find a damaged tome, I suppose... just once, you can "e-mail" me.. [email protected]

You're missing a file!

Impossible! The archives can't be incomplete! (One of the others told me to write that, I don't know why). Look at our contributions scroll if you want to be of use.contribute page.

There's a misplaced item!

Agh, with my age and my fading vision it is unavoidable. You can let me know here [email protected] so I can fix it with all possible haste.