She wanted me to read this to you. It was much longer, but I took some liberties to make it more concise. Let's hope she doesn't mind… ahem.

The phrase "knowledge is power" is widely known, but the Trove believes this proverb is incomplete. There are many places which simply archive "practical" knowledge, not so with us. Tabletop Games are the most powerful tool we have to connect with one another and escape from our realities into more exciting places. They provide worlds which we can escape to, shielding ourselves from the dark thoughts which many struggle with every day, worlds which can suit anyone's imagination. Through them, vital lessons about life are taught. We are allowed to step into another's shoes in a way which no other medium can match. With Games, we can create a community which is more empathetic, inclusive, and understanding; and then export that to the rest of the universe.

So we have made it our mission to preserve as many of these Games as possible, collecting ancient games and archiving them for the present. This way, we maintain a library for the future so that this precious knowledge is never lost.

Content Donations

If you'd like to donate content to our site, you can do so by uploading the content to a third-party site such as,, etc. and then email me the link at [email protected]. A few things to keep in mind:

  • If necessary, try to sort your files following our system as best as possible.
  • Make sure your files won't expire for at least 30 days.

Monetary Donations

While my mistress loves to say that money is no object, "here we deal in tomes, scrolls, and fun!" I can hear her saying.

Well, as the Keeper of this library, I can tell you that's hogwash! We need to maintain our defences against the attacks of the many jealous eyes our enterprise draws, pay for upkeep material, finance my mistress' quests for books to add to the archive, and pay the staff. By the gods, I need to be paid!

So, I implore you, make a donation using one of these secure channels. We never know what nefarious parties are watching after all!

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